Orange County Film Transfer Services, to Digital File, H.264, ProRes

Super 8, 8mm, 16 mm, film transfers to High Definition, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or H.264, MP4, AVI, ProRes digital file.

High Def Regular 8 Film Transfer
High Def Super 8 film
High Def 16mm Film
Standard Def Regular 8 film
Standard Def Super 8 film
Standard Def 16mm film

Film transfers to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, H.264, ProRes

We offer only ONE option, BEST transfer at a great price. All film transfers include everything listed below. No “ADD ON” charges or expensive options! You only pay for viewable video footage! No charge for film footage that is black, overexposed, not watchable. We still process all the film footage, but digitally remove anything that does not look right. We also color correct, repair splices, hand clean the film, all included in single charge per foot.

8-16mm Film Flat Rate HD 1920 x 1080 Blu-ray Disc Resolution $0.25 / foot 7″ DIA Reel = $100.00
Setup charge per Disc DVD-R, Blu-ray Disc, Hard Drive $20.00 EA Disc printing, Color snapshots on the Cover with title.
  • Film is cleaned with film cleaner, and repaired as needed. Film will be returned to you on your reels.
  • 1600 feet- 8mm per 2 hrs Disc, 3200 feet- 16mm per 2 hrs Disc
  • Main MENU and CHAPTER points every 5 minutes are standard. (No additional cost)
  • Title screen appears on TV with the Main Menu selection screen. 16 characters max (No additional cost)
  • Title is also printed on the DVD-R, Blu-ray Disc Video disk and outside cover of the DVD Case. (No additional cost).
  • Custom, color printed and titled DVD, Blu-ray DiscCase provided. (No additional cost)
  • Video transfers to Hard Disk Drive (AVI file, Pro res, H264)

We transfer film to digital – converting 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film using various equipment for telecine, film transfer in our Orange County California facility. Film is illuminated by LED (cool light) and image is captured by 3CCD camera, or single large chip 2K high definition camera. Process produces uniform lighting, unmatched clarity, and stunning color depth. Our film conversion process produces extremely high quality, flicker free video, with or without sound. Your film is converted to digital video in the form of uncompressed video files. These digital files are then color corrected, enhanced and can be supplied to you in compressed DVD-MPEG-2, MP4, H.264 or uncompressed AVI file.


Each film reel is inspected, repaired and cleaned prior to transfer. We use EDVAL film cleaner and professional film guillotine splicers. We do not alter the film and we will return film to you, on the same reels you gave us.

Sound Film

We transfer both optically and magnetically recorded film audio. We optimize the sound quality by controlling the gain and applying DOLBY noise reduction to reduce the noise. Mono audio is duplicated to left and right audio channel. Audio is fully synchronized with video.

Final Product

After your film is digitized we edit out leaders and blank spots and perform a detailed quality check. Color correction, contrast and hue are checked and corrected, before the video is compressed to DVD standard. We use industrial grade professional equipment to compress video with variable bit rate and create DVD Video Disk. Each DVD Video disk has main menu, and chapter points every 5 min, to allow easy navigation and control. We then burn to high quality DVD-R in Orange County, CA. discs that are compatible with almost all DVD players.

Each 2 hour Video disk can hold up to 1600 feet of 8mm film / Super8 film or up to 3200 feet of 16mm film.

AVI to dvd – AVI converter – AVI transfers: If you plan on editing your film, we can provide digital files (H.264, ProRes, AVI, MOV) that are easily imported into many current NLE applications. These files can be stored on your hard drive or DVD-ROM Disks. Each hour of AVI files requires 13GB of disk capacity. Please note that depending on your operating system you can be provided with multiple 4GB files or single 13GB file.


8-16mm Film

Flat Rate HD 1920 x 1080
Blu-ray Disc Resolution
7″ DIA Reel = $100.00
Setup charge per Disc
DVD-R, Blu-ray Disc, Hard Drive
Disc printing, Color snapshots
on the Cover with title.